Hi, Mom

This is a strong message that you just cannot deny a mother’s love. So next time you think of your mother, just remember that she endured pain so you could be here, sacrificed her body to give birth to you, listened when nobody else would listen, has given you a shoulder to cry on, sheltered you from bad things, taught you right from wrong, has always been there for you during your time of need, and has given you so much when there was so little.

My mother is the greatest inspiration I have in my world next to my wife and two beautiful children. She has always been there for me and has helped me get through some really tough times just by listening and offering that “motherly love” to me whenever I was in need it. I am forever grateful and thankful to have a wonderful mother I can say hello to whenever I need to.

I hope this sounds a lot like your mother, and if it is why don’t you just drop everything you are doing, call your mom on the telephone and just say “hello mom”. I guarantee the both of you will happy that you did. If you are not getting along for some reason, then call anyway and surprise your mother with a simple “hello, I love you mom” and re-kindle your relationship with her.


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