INFLUENCE and IMPACT (from my book Leadership Secrets Every Leader Should Know)

To me leadership is all about INFLUENCE and IMPACT

I have been a Leader for over 22 years serving in many junior and senior level leadership positions of increased authority and responsibility. I have led teams as small as 3 people to much larger groups that included over 200. I have often been asked what are my thoughts about leadership. When I think about leadership there are many things that come to mind, but only two stand out among the rest and they are INFLUENCE and IMPACT.

If your INFLUENCE is not making an IMPACT then you need to re-evaluate, re-design, and re-engage your leadership tactics, techniques, and procedures. Once you are back on track you will see the difference your INFLUENCE has on others and the IMPACT that it can make in the lives of those you lead. I hope by reading this book, you will gain valuable knowledge and experience that will add to your ability to influence others in a way that will have a large impact.


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