Have you ever heard the saying “nothing is easy”?  I have, but I am at a crossroads with this statement.  I say this because to me it has two meanings; a positive and a negative depending on how you use the words nothing and is.  Let’s take a look at both.

POSITIVE:  By adopting the statement of “nothing is easy” gives you the drive, determination, and motivation to conquer the most difficult of things because after all nothing is easy and if you want to accomplish something you have to work at it.

NEGATIVE:  If  you put forth no effort whatsoever in life then you could say that “nothing is easy”. By doing absolutely nothing you are taking the easy way out and most likely you will accomplish exactly what you set out to which is NOTHING.

So you see depending on the connotation in which you use the words nothing and is to include the inflection in which you use these two words can have either a positive or negative effect/meaning on the statement.

Would you agree or disagree?

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