Everybody likes to feel IMPORTANT and nobody wants to feel insignificant. You want to feel as though you are a part of something greater or what you are doing means something to “the big picture” of what is going on.

The worst thing that I ever heard one of my supervisors tell me is “what do you have going on, and how is that more important than what I got going on?” That was an absolutely degrading statement and made me feel pretty worthless in the eyes of my supervisor. How could he be so selfish as to think that anything I had going on was any less important than what he had going on. No matter how difficult it is to work with or for someone like that, always remember that YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

Below are some tips to make anyone feel IMPORTANT

* Give credit where credit is due, but be genuine about it
* Ask someone for their advice on something you need help with
* Add value to anyone by showing an interest in the things they are working on
* If someone is speaking, then let them finish what they have to say without interrupting
* Publicly show your gratitude toward an accomplishment someone completed by thanking them for their efforts

*ACTION ITEM* Tell yourself every day that “I AM IMPORTANT AND EVERYTHING I DO MATTERS”, then tell sombody else that they are IMPORTANT too.