From time to time people are going to make mistakes, and as a leader it is imperative that you understand that.  When a mistake is made, don’t be quick to judge, belittle or talk down to the one who made the mistake.  The moment that you start talking “at” someone instead of “to” them, they will shut you down, and not listen to a word you have to say.

Instead, think of it as an opportunity for you to teach and for the other person to learn.  You will find that by showing compassion gives the other person the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t mean to make the mistake, and presents the opportunity to learn/recover from the mistake that it will create a shared experience for both of you that can be positive.

By showing compassion, you show that you are not a tyrant and that you are willing to overlook minor discrepancies.  As long as there is no detriment to life or limb, honest mistakes can be given a second chance.


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