As a leader, you have a legal and moral obligation to fulfill your responsibilities ethically without waver.  Temptation is lurking everywhere, but you must remain vigilant and set the example for everyone under your guiding light to adhere to and emulate.

This is tough at times to want to be able to do whatever it takes to accomplish a task, but you must remain within legal and ethical guidelines of what a prudent person would do.  Completing a task regardless of circumstances and doing whatever it takes is all fine as long as you do not break any rules, regulations, or laws to accomplish it.

You do not want to risk your career, reputation, family, or way of life over completing something unethically just because it has to get done.  Believe me, there is absolutely nothing worth risking all the above over that you cannot take the time and do it properly, legally, and ethically no matter how much persuading a supervisor or boss tries to impose upon you.


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