Being a servant is all about being faithful to not only those you lead, but those you follow as well.  I strongly believe that in order to be a good leader you must also be a good follower.  You must have faith in the ability of the leadership of those you follow that he/she is going to take you in the proper direction.

Believe me when I say that there have been many examples blasted all over the news lately about leaders who failed to be faithful.  These leaders let power, money, and influence have a profound negative impact on their ability to remain faithful to the values which got them where they are.

When you are given the responsibility to lead people, you are entrusted with so much, and are counted on to remain faithful in your promise to take care of them.  The ability to do this relies heavily on the values that you hold near and dear to your heart and you must not falter in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

If you do so you will have let down those you lead, and they will lose faith in your ability to lead them.  At this point, you will have lost more than just faith, but your integrity.

Once you lose your integrity, you will have absolutely no ground to stand on whatsoever in the eyes of those you lead, those you follow, and anyone who comes in contact with you.

Your integrity is all you have.  It is your word.  It is the one thing about you that holds the glue between truth and reality.  You must fight hard to remain faithful so that you do not lose your integrity.

One way to ensure you are faithful is to live by a set of values or beliefs that will keep you on track.  When you place your values and beliefs above anything that may be physically enticing, you will make the right decision if presented or offered things that may go against your values.


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